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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Asian students react to Va. Tech

Asian Americans fear backlash for Virginia Tech

The tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16 seized the nation's attention. World-class journalists and student bloggers alike waited anxiously for investigators to release the identity of the man who killed 32 people and shot several others in the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

By the next day, the shooter was publicly identified as Virginia Tech student Cho Seung-Hui, a resident alien from South Korea.

But after images and articles related to Cho's life began to flood the media, Asian Americans at the University said they had another reason to mourn the tragedy - it could reflect on them.

Psychology Prof. Phillip Akutsu said because Asian Americans don't often receive media attention, focus on the shooter's nationality was painful for the Asian American community.

"The tragedy in and of itself was very, very sad," said Akutsu, who studies mental illness in Asian Americans. "But to see an Asian American face was even more so. We hear so little about Asian Americans in the news to begin with."

Several Asian students said they were stunned to find out the shooter was Asian.

"My initial reaction - I was shocked and ashamed to be Asian," said LSA sophomore Jae Jun Hong, who is a South Korean international student from Dubai. "I wouldn't expect an Asian to do that."

Hong said he doesn't think Asian Americans should feel guilty about the tragedy, but that he fears the incident will cast Koreans in a negative light.

"I live in Dubai, but somehow, even there, we represent Korea," he said.

The day the shooting happened, Hong's mother called him from Dubai to make sure he was handling the news all right. She also worried that Hong would be harassed.

Hong said he didn't experience any harassment, but the concerns Hong's mother expressed over potential backlash toward Asians echo the fears of several members of the University's Asian community.

Recent University graduate C.C. Song, who was a member of the University's chapter of the United Asian American Organization, said many Asian American students told her they were worried about being persecuted on campus because of Virginia Tech.

"They are afraid anti-Asian American sentiment will arise, understanding that the after storm of 9/11 did affect Pacific Rim Asians and Muslims," she said.

Both Hong and Song said they thought the media put unwarranted emphasis on Cho's ethnicity that they feared the tragedy could damage people's perception of Asian immigrants. [Link]


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Blogger concerned heart [At 12:44 PM]:

It is vital that the root cause of Seug-hui Cho's madness be brought out to the public so that some good can come out of the horrendous tragedy. Are you aware that the muteness and the social disability that the gunman had could very well be rooted in the fact that his father was 38 or 39 when he was born? Is that a usual age to father babies? In his case and in the case of the rising number of autistic/early childhood schizophrenic kids being born in this and other western countries his father's sperm making cells DNA was probably very mutated to cause such a monster. What needs to be done is the paternal age connection and the male biological clock needs to be studied my Asian and Asian American and all American college students so that the public can become informed and sperm making when a man is in his mid 20s to 30 become commonplace. We should all learn some lessons from this tragedy. Guns should be harder to purchase. Threatening people should not be allowed on campuses and men should not father babies past the age of 33 with cryobanked sperm from their 20s.






Dr. Ethylin Wang Jabs has done some very important work in this area:

"It makes sense that the mutations causing these diseases would occur more frequently in older men, and indeed that's what we saw for Apert syndrome," says Ethylin Jabs, M.D., director of the Center for Craniofacial Development and Disorders at Johns Hopkins.

Importantly, disorders linked to advancing paternal age begin to increase rapidly at about the same time as maternal risks increase -- age 33 to 35. Until now, the only evidence for paternal age effects has come from determining how many children with these diseases are born to fathers of various ages."

Blogger concerned heart [At 12:46 PM]:

Sorry for the typos I meant sperm banking/client depositor sperm bank accounts.

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